User experience cannot be compromised. Today’s apps and websites must work, perform and have a strong user experience while running on any platform or device, anywhere in the world. Borland solutions deliver world class management and testing across all devices and platforms – the key to successful software delivery.

User Experiences

Customer expectations have never been higher

Soaring numbers of devices, platforms and browsers are compromising the ability of organizations to meet quality goals as well as release dates. Meanwhile, high customer expectations place new demands on the performance and reliability of applications. See how big the problem is, and how Borland helps you to avoid quality tradeoffs, in our video infographic: User Experience and the Cross Browser Explosion.

More browsers need more testing

We work in an increasingly complex environment, caused by the ‘mobile multiplier’ effect of different browser and device configurations. So improving the user experience raises a number of challenges: organizations must look beyond functional quality, deliver consistent experiences and ensure the global performance of their applications. Discover more by reading our White Paper:
The Mobile Multiplier Effect.

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The Mobile Multiplier Effect White Paper

Overcome the barriers to great user experiences